Saturday, October 8, 2011


Escape From Wonderland, an Insomnia event is coming soon! October 29th marks the event's first Halloween themed rave, and with head liners like ATB and Benny Benassi, who could resist?
I myself would like to go, but I haven't the funds necessary. If you would like to donate a few bucks towards my ticket to paradise and dance music, my paypal is

In return, here is some free music!! All this week I will be featuring free downloadable tracks from the event's line up. Here is AN21, an electronic dance artist. He is known for inspirational remixes, with such a fresh take on pop songs. I love his rendition of La Roux and Ellie Goulding. I hope you do too!

La Roux - Quicksand (AN21 & Philip Jensen remix) by AN21
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (AN21 & Max Vangeli remix) by AN21
AN21 & Max Vangeli - Swedish Beauty (Dj Joeri & Olaf Rubens bootleg) by Olaf Rubens