Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds is a one girl band. A singer/ song writer hailing from Wales, she exemplifies beauty and femininity. This is her first ever hit, and very trippy music video. You can tell her talents as a vocalist from her choir- perfected vocal range. Every fluctuation is intended and sounds perfect. Its no exaggeration that I have turned a few of my close friends on to Marina, and they became even more enamored with her than I.
Numb - Marina & The Diamonds by MAJRdj

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blitzen Trapper, an underground hit.

Portland, Oregon based musical ensemble Blitzen Trapper is part country, part electro, part indie and 100% awesome. I personally love this music video as it entails a fable of one man's rage and how he commits murder in coldest of blood. You won't regret watching the video for "Black River Killer". For all its Old Time language and Blitzen Trapper's south western accent, this is an excellent song with great acoustics and rhythm.
Blitzen Trapper - Heaven And Earth by subpop
Blitzen Trapper - Dragon's Song by subpop
Blitzen Trapper - Furr by subpop

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here are some treasures of mine. I love these tracks, more so the La Roux remixes. I'm really hungry and I wanna make a sandwich with black beans in it. This  Black bean grilled cheese sandwhich recipe should do the trick.
Thanks for your continued support guys. If any of you are feeling generous, please pimp my blogspot in your next blog entry! <3 I could use some followers that support and comment, ya dig?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Thanks for the follows, new friends! To commemorate this new following, Here's some cool indie tracks!!
Wavves is a trendy new indie garage band that reeks of amateur awesome. A refreshing jam band indeed.
Warpaint is a local favorite! These girls are fighters, and a true part of the art-rock revival. The band consists of Emily Kokal (vocals, guitar), Theresa Wayman (guitar, vocals), Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass, vocals), and Stella Mozgawa (drums). They hail from my town, Los Angeles.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Indie post! SKI LODGE!!

Ski Lodge is an indie rock group from Atlanta Georgia with a constant streak of pop appeal in their tunes. Just listen to A Game and you'll be hooked. :) You are able to download both of these mp3s for the time being. Just click the arrow to the right of the track.
PS. Sorry for the hiatus ya'll... I haven't been feeling the best as of late.

Ski Lodge "I Would Die To Be" by PureHoney + TheHoneyComb

Ski Lodge - A Game by Dovecote Records

Monday, September 5, 2011


standin in my way always stepping on my toes
stealing my style, even wearing my clothes
fuck all them haters fuck all them hoes

Foes - Borgore (16bit Remix) by