Thursday, June 14, 2012

For this blissful Thursday, I would like to share an enigmatic track of Bat for Lashes' second album 'Two Suns'. It is obvious to myself why I love this- having grown up on 'shoe gaze' goth music. This song contains many layers in a bittersweet harmony- sadness, joy, and fear are all palpable. Truly hypnotic.

Bat For Lashes - Daniel (HD) from Peter Pan on Vimeo.

The whole album is a treat for the ears. Enjoy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Long hiatus...

Its so good to see my old blogger friends still on the radar as it were. I hope to regularly post entries, but I always feel absurdly depressed when I consider updating. I will try forcing myself to at least update every week with mp3s and soundcloud songs by some underground artists and DJs.

In non-music related news, I will be moving to Sacramento next month! Very excited for the move, and the chance to find a half-decent job. Los Angeles has been cruel to me, job wise. I have a few interviews lined up in the new city.

Have this Ke$ha remix, friends. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

OH MAN....

sorry for the delay in postings. I have been quasi-distracted by the new semester and other life problems. I begin my 'comeback' with a humble request:

Please comment and help me earn $ome street cred on blogger again, bros. For every comment, I click and comment. :)

alright then. Lets hope this works.