Sunday, September 11, 2011

Indie post! SKI LODGE!!

Ski Lodge is an indie rock group from Atlanta Georgia with a constant streak of pop appeal in their tunes. Just listen to A Game and you'll be hooked. :) You are able to download both of these mp3s for the time being. Just click the arrow to the right of the track.
PS. Sorry for the hiatus ya'll... I haven't been feeling the best as of late.

Ski Lodge "I Would Die To Be" by PureHoney + TheHoneyComb

Ski Lodge - A Game by Dovecote Records


  1. interesting, and not bad.
    keep it up!

  2. never heard this but nice songs.

    Good post!!

  3. great song.
    also, huge brohoof for posing ponies. :)

  4. These are appealing to my girly girly girly girl side, and she has been coming out more often :D

  5. this is a pretty good song for reminiscing winter haha.