Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a "Beautiful" day...

Today i would like to introduce you to a fairly unknown bass and drum duo; Brookes Brothers. They will be playing at Escape From Wonderland this year!! Hailing from London all the way from the United Kingdom, they enjoy making a higher caliber of drum and bass, not just focused on rhythm but soul as well. Just listen to tracks like 'Snowman' and you will see why they have such a collective of fans.

Paypal donations are still needed if you would like to help me purchase a ticket to the event! My paypal is

Brookes Brothers ft Robert Owens "Beautiful" NAPT Remix by NAPT
Brookes Brothers - Snowman by Pati ;-)


  1. Woah, been awhile since i've heard some quality D&B... that NAPT remix isn't bad either.

  2. w00tw00t im gonna get these songs, they're awesome :D

  3. nice ones, thanks for the tip mate, keep it up! cheers

  4. I love the song... I hope you can go to that event my friend.
    Nice blog, btw.