Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dada Life + David Guetta... looks like it might be a great summer day(AKA Go outside!)

Well this day looks like it's off to a great start so far- eggs and garlic for breakfast, and I got a head start on the laundry. Gotta do it early in the day so the clothes can dry during the hottest part of the day(life without a dryer, etc). I may or may not go to the beach tonight, but here's hoping I do...
Also, to answer someone's  question on my last entry, the rainbow guy isn't a nyan horse; its a nyan wolf. :3 I use him to enunciate the mp3 downloads :) Dunno about you, but I can't wait to go outside in the Los Angeles sunshine!

DadaLife- Let's Get Bleeped Tonight
David Guetta- Love is Gone (The House Moguls mix)


  1. Great DadaLife tune... as a fellow LA music blogger, I give your blog three thumbs up!

  2. ohh great tune, great picture this is awesome

  3. Eggs and garlic? I'd love to try that!
    Also, Guetta is gonna do Croatia this summer. :P

  4. Wow, I'm loving that one by Guetta, it's great!
    Not sure about the other one, though.
    Tech Me

  5. Woo, my question got answered haha. The nyan wolf as I now know it to be is pretty cool. Thanks for the downloads again, I'm listening to them as I type this

  6. Super cute nyan wolf! How could anyone mistake that cutie for a HORSE?! Are people blind? Haha.

  7. Love the pic. Keep them coming! +Followed