Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In pertinence to Bass Cadet;

Are you just a dubstep lover? or do you like other kinds of EDM?

To answer your question, I like all forms of electronic dance music. :) Here's a tune that isn't dubstep, it's one of my latest obsessions. Boy is it catchy! Right click your mouse over the link and 'save page as' for free mp3.
The Cataracs- Bass Down Low
DeadMau5- Faxing Berlin (DJ shift mix) 


  1. I swear to God, during my mixing days, I made a track really similar to this one.

  2. It's like a collage of different songs, but it cuts out at the end there.

  3. dayum that is some dope techno!

    Thanks for the post. And thanks for commenting on my most recent blog post. I will be sure to show my appreciation for your kindne$$ :) Hope you do the same!

  4. Is it me? or you are successful at hooking me up to dubstep and some EDM.

  5. You layout seems to be glitching on my end.

  6. really catchy! nice blog btw! +followed