Sunday, July 10, 2011

To anyone concerned...

I've never really liked where I lived. Growing up in Los Angeles was rough. Hot weather, beaches, and fun raves are all good things, but the worse aspects are all the more encroaching. Lack of jobs, illegal immigrants, and a dangerous crime rate are just the tip of the ice berg.

My home town of Whittier used to be a nice place. But that was before I was born. Illegal immigrants made our schools full of illiterate children who couldn't read, write or sometimes SPEAK English. As a child, I was forced to teach these Mexican children to read during my precious class time. Even during my classes, my teachers would sit me next to completely illiterate Mexican kids who reeked of urine and often said derogatory things to me. The government placed Section A housing all around my elementary school, and the apartments were terrible places to be raised in. These children were often housed in the same apartment spaces and shared things. One of my childhood friends, Azelea, rode to school pushed in a shopping cart with her mother. Her baby sister sitting in the designated baby seat.

I still live here in Whittier and the crime is incredible. Just 2 nights ago, someone was stabbed by my friend Charles's house. This won't make the news- not the mainstream local news, anyway. No violent crimes are ever reported in the mainstream media because the Government wish to portray this city as something it's not- some kind of safe suburb, but believe me, it's far from that.

I have failed to find a job on my countless excursions throughout the area. All my life, I have never found a job in my own town(except as a teenager, I was assigned a job through LA department of youth services, and I worked for minimum wage at my own high school). I've applied to more than 100 places, and not a single call back ever. I have tried to follow up on these supposed 'openings' after I have given in my application, only to be told by workers there "We have many applications right now. Lots of people has applied here." All the places I am able to apply to are full of Mexican immigrants or their children. My lack of income is dangerous and has cost me many opportunities. I have tried to get on foodstamps but I could not. I did qualify... but why was I told I could not get foodstamps?

I did not have children. And I am white. In order for me to get foodstamps, I would have to do community service at the designated service area. Without a car, I could not risk not making the service hours, because I could be put in jail for not cooperating with the law. If I had children, I would not have to do community service for food stamps. If I was not white... I would have food stamps easily and without effort.

I know that some readers of this journal may find ways to denote my validity and state other wise, but this is what I was told by the people at the welfare office here. When people say America is a bad place to be white, I know first hand. 'Minorities' get so much here it's ridiculous. California is dictated by the government, who only want the destruction of families. They use oppressive tactics to ruin good suburban neighborhoods by over running them with sex offenders, illegal immigrants, and free government housing. To anyone looking to move to California, please.... I beg of you. Do your research. Things are very expensive here, and jobs are few and so very far between.

/RANT. Thanks for reading, even if you don't agree with everything I said. :nod:


  1. Great post, new blog looks promising! Hope you keep up the great content and look forward to reading more rants XD

  2. LA is a big place and it's the last stop for the immigrant traffic. Families that are legal must go to LA to pick them up so a lot of them get left there. I live in a small town where the immigrants are great people. They work, they don't take advantage of the system as much, and the crime rate is a lot lower. The location is really the key factor there :/

    Nice post though. Keep it going.

  3. The grass is always greener dude, try living in Fargo, ND or Minnesota blah